Jon P

photo post #1

In PHOTO on 09/01/2009 at 8:02 AM

Maeve Berry
I’m enthralled by the ambiguous subject of the image and the well rendered and ominous color.

Masao Yamamoto
I love the simple composition and subject matter. The colors evoke a very nostalgic/vintage feel.

Susan Burnstine
This image is very haunting and makes good use of depth of field. I enjoy the creepy ambiance that reaches out to the viewer.

The abstract nature of this photo is interesting while the colors dictate a dramatic feeling. Lately, I’ve been constantly drawn to circular patterns created through slightly out of focus highlights.

I appreciate the surreal colors created through cross-processing this negative. The subject creates an interesting composition all by itself.

I enjoy the unique distortions created in this image and the frame that creates a distressed look ties it all together.

  1. Excellent, Jon! Could you please link the 3 images from current exhibitions to the websites about the exhibit? Thanks! That way we can all learn more about the venue and the artist.

  2. jon i really enjoyed seeing your work for the first time! i like all three of the photos you chose but the first one in particular catches my eye! i like how you played around with light and the dramatic colors to create an image! i enjoy the abstract nature of this photo! great job!

  3. I really enjoyed looking at the Maeve Berry “Incandescence” photographs. Before I even knew what the images were of, there was something about the use of light and abstraction that drew me in. Once I knew what they were about, I wanted to go shoot a cremation myself.
    I also really like your image from Susan Burnstine.
    Your image of the dead animal is both disgusting and beautiful at the same time. It’s kinda funny how color makes the subject matter more beautiful, well at least less gross.

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