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photo post #2

In PHOTO on 09/08/2009 at 8:38 AM

Sarah Stolfa
Gallery 339
Stolfa details a series of bar patrons in an exhibition currently showing in Philadelphia. The weathered and probably drunken stare coming from the woman only known as Erin Keegan exudes an aura of momentary contemplation on the ascribed identity of being defined by one’s surroundings. Emphasizing the scope of this reality is the use of a direct strobe which starkly lit the foreground subject while minimizing the background of the bar.

Alison Overton
1212 Gallery
Another exhibition in Virginia is displaying the hauntingly enigmatic work of photographer Overton. The surreal color offered through the thoughtful hand-toning helps reinforce the hallucinatory perspective and ambiguous landscape in the photograph above. It appears that diffused lighting being offered to an outside scene on a fairly cloudy day can create the softer edged shadows found at the bases of the trees.

Josef Hoflehner
John Cleary Gallery
Yeehaw! The above image comes from an exhibition in Texas! The foggy atmosphere found dominating this photograph creates a dramatic sense of obscured expectation. The suspended cable car is attached to the high-contrast triad of lines emanating from the top of the photograph, where they and the destination of the car simultaneously disappear. Or could the car be emerging from the dismal abyss in the lower left quadrant of the photograph? The unclear destination stimulates wonder and is exaggerated by the soft diffusion of natural light by the pictured haze.

The above portrait of a forever angry skank demonstrates how digital infrared photography can create the appearance of a marble-like quality in the skin of a sitting subject. The use of a diffused directional strobe to capture this sensation is gently framed by the soft fluidity of the surrounding liquid hair.

This exposure details focused direct sunlight through a series of windows surrounding the entrance of a parking garage. Signifying the chemical primacy of the essential role that light plays in the craft of photography- which literally means “writing with light” (possible translations include “for one to write with a light,” “light writing,” “lighting the write”) or something like that.

This image creates a dark ambiance through the dramatic high-contrast shadows of a silhouetted trellis against the sharp spectral highlights created within metal line work found on this subject, the back of a refrigerator. Directly lit with an LED flashlight, the focused beam disturbs the usual scattered diffusion most likely seen lighting this very scene during the day. Believe it or not, the back of a refrigerator is a very disturbing place…


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