Jon P

photo post #3

In PHOTO on 09/16/2009 at 11:03 PM

Masahisa Fukase
Gallery 51
This photograph appeals to me because of the dramatic tension created by the strong contrast of the silhouetted subject against the ominous background. The raven as subject is also interesting to me because ravens are creepy and remind me of Hitchcock and his birds and that’s just freaky.

Albert Watson
This photograph evokes a sinister humor that I find remarkable and disturbing. Certainly a perfect combination in any given situation. I think “furries” are delicately trapsing the line between the absurd and erotic but this one looks scary and sketchy, hiding behind those shrubs and such. His demeanor seems to contradict the essential fuzziness found in bunnies.

Amy Blakemoore
The surreal atmosphere created in this photograph creates a brooding environment occupied by an ambiguous entity with the name Jill. The depth of field suggests a dreamlike quality in the landscape while the fill on the subject hallucinate the true reality of non-interventionist lighting situations. Her identity: unknown. Her destination: unknown. Her journey: pointless? Who’s to say, possibly someone.

This photo from my night garden series uses high contrast lighting to emphasize the hidden beauty found during times of darkness. Overblown highlights and apparent lens flare help to manifest a contemplative space where biological precedence illuminates the possibility of the present.

This photo also relies on the chance incursion of a lens flare to create an ethereal presence which seems to elevate a common landscape from the mundane to the sublime. The tree seems to be recoiling from the banded streams of direct sunlight shining from the left. Or the tree is being sucked into the vacuum of a deceptively empathetic all-knowing consciousness from a heavenly realm unseen. Either explanation will work for me.

This photo seems to evoke a strong sense of a blatantly accepted pollution. Whether of mind, body or environment- the depicted couple are embarking on a leisurely stroll through through a wasteland with a handy bridge. The woman’s hat and gloves and the man’s face mask make me ponder who is being protected from what. Is the environment so toxic that they are shielding themselves from harm or is it the other way around? Their nonchalant attitude forces me to believe these people were heavily sedated as to better allow their complete complacency in such adversity.


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