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max possible?

In MAX/MSP on 09/17/2009 at 8:02 PM

Works that I’ve found that interest me:

#1 Paul Sermon, Telematic Dreaming, 1992

This piece relies on interaction to drive the video pieces of another in this projected bed environment. The piece successfully blends interaction with a digital realm to create a fully immersible place. It seems possible to create this type of piece with Max. This piece uses video into a newer context that is unexpected and beckons interaction while conveying certain issues inherent with digital work and simulation. I can use this idea as a potential basis for a Max project that immerses a viewer in a surreal and digital environment.


#2 Nathaniel Stern, Undertoe, 2007

This proposed piece invites an audience to become part of the art by tracking their footsteps which are translated to water drops displayed above them on the ceiling. Another example of a manipulated environment to offer the viewer a world apart from an experience they cannot ordinarily have. What really interests me about this and the above piece is the possibility of interpreted data affecting video. Whether physically tracked movements or changed through any various input, it’s intriguing to think it might be possible to use a real-time manipulation to distort or change a video’s output. This could absolutely be the basis for a Max project that uses an installation to create another reality for an audience to affect.


#3 Nick Bruscia & Aaron Miller, 16 Candles, 2007
While this piece seems a bit out-of-my-ability, I think the simple use of a fixed camera on a subject using a single channel projection to create 16 separate screens, each being directed by a moving grid of mirrors, is beautiful and intriguing. It seems possible to use Max to control the speed and duration of the mirrors’ movements. The idea makes me think of a “raining” sheet of videos that provide the same imagery but a more diverse presentation than simple projection. The circuitry attached to the mirror grid seems a little daunting but the idea might be helpful to inform a new way of presenting imagery and invoking something emotional.


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