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photo post #4

In PHOTO on 09/23/2009 at 8:58 AM

Susan K Grant
VERVE Gallery of Photography

I find this image intriguing & mesmerizing- mostly because of my love of puppets! This image from Grant’s Night Journey series reflect a surreal aura of the macabre, mythological and magical to delicately imagine the latent world of the unconscious. Reminiscent of the German stop-motion animated film Prince Achmed from 1926, the silhouetted set and figures create an atmosphere of ambiguous contemplation where a viewer can derive personal conclusions, both apart from and informed by intent, based on the offered tokens from the artist. I also love shadow puppets- soooooo…

David Pollock
Luz Gallery

I appreciate the concept surrounding this series by Pollock called Sign, Symbol & Nature that portrays “natural” environments common to Western society which is over-saturated by commerce. The presence of the past seems to desperately crave recognition or return a return the natural world that industrial monoliths now occupy. The promised open views on the sign in the above image offer little hope to the dismal wasteland found behind. The implicit destruction of nature in order from progress to maintain an unattainable level of perfection is a necessary evil for the plague of humanity to linger on. This image also reminds me of a Rachael Ray recipe I tried one time that took longer than the 30 minutes preparation time she estimated…

Andrew Darlow
Alfa Art Gallery

I enjoy this image of New York City that seems to evoke the ambiance of the city through a hand-held long exposure.The vibrant colors cascading against the darkness of night create an elegant original which relies on the found cityscape before the artist but descibes a uniqueness brought on by manipulation byu the artist. The subject and elements remain visible and legible however the dancing lights that steak the picture plane might symbolize the temporal transience of the people who live, have lived and will live in such an enormous and active metropolis. On that note, I just want to mention that Jake Jabs in an American hero…


This image is relatively simple, consisting of several dots in an ominous arrangement. I’m drawn to the diagonal composition of the dots with the remaining bottom left dot that balances the line to suggest a strict right angle or even an arrow.

This image is even more simple with only one obvious subject. The radiant and asymmetric circle illuminates and penetrates the surrounding darkness. Mimicking the natural brilliance of the sun through unnatural and digital means, this image defies notions of tautological circumstance towards an enlightened singularity.

This image combines qualities from both of the above images. These dots seem to emanate from a single bright light. Overlapping and transparent, these dots don’t hold the same weight as the dots in the first image. These dots embody a radiation from the intensity of the light source that implicates the necessity of light in the pursuit of seeing.


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