Jon P

MAX/Jitter Lovin’

In MAX/MSP on 09/29/2009 at 5:13 AM

Candace and I played with Jitter tutorials this weekend and were successful in incorporating a live video feed from a DV cam that could be distorted using Rebecca’s provided brocosa object. Unfortunately, my demo expired and I’m not able to post the patches we came up with yet. The Jitter tutorials are amazing though and have invigorated my interest in these programs and given me hope that the karaoke project is possible now.
Picture 18
I also found an online set of tutorials (without shared patches however) using Jitter to mix video. I’m curious about setting these dual video inputs to be affected by incoming audio for karaoke by having frequency and volume to drive each of the two videos to create one mega video. More on that this week…


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