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photo post #5

In PHOTO on 09/29/2009 at 11:23 PM

Beth Moon
Verve Gallery
Picture 1
This image exaggerates the proportion of the figure physically to offer the viewer a surreal glimpse of these ominous subjects that are evading the gaze of the photographer. The dark environment adds to the read of a dramatic ambiguity that suggests something larger than life is being portrayed.

Wayne Bartlett
Doma Gallery
Picture 2
This image is an interesting look at texture that is also ambiguous at first but upon further exploration relates a distressed and torn apart fabric that is exposing the threads that make it up. Attention to detail is waht drew me to this image. The vacant space created by the tear of the fabric make it an interesting composition with lines jabbing the negative.

James Spitznagel
The Upstairs Gallery
This image is much more along my lines aesthetically and conceptually. The digital distortions offered by this and his other imagery negates the natural depictions traditionally created through photographic media. The exaggerated pixels create large blocks of ambiguous color and are tied to the realm of digital which is my favorite medium.

This image is not manipulated but I really appreciate the strong contrast offered by the viaduct lighting on the found river. The cropped tree trunk weights the left side to balance the vacant feeling of the rippling water on the right.

This image also uses dramatic contrast that silhouettes the iron work of a found lamp. The swirling patterning of the glass panes describe a delicious green coloring that really adds to the depth of the image. Plus, I typically enjoy owls and all they have to offer.

This image is a depiction of a contemporary girl that seems to be embarking on a journey much larger than the whole of her parts. The steamy atmosphere that inhabits this environment starkly contrasts expectation of landscape and stirs ambiguity which has become the word du jour. Her placement in the composition allows her journey to unfold with plenty of room to spare.

  1. Those guys in the first picture are totally on stilts :p

  2. great post. My favorite is the depiction of a contemporary girl.

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