Jon P

photo post #7

In PHOTO on 10/13/2009 at 7:39 PM

Christopher Burke
Doma Art
This image relates an artificial presence through color upon a natural subject. The simultaneous contrast between these complimentary colors creates a surreal atmosphere.

Sundeep Gajjar
Photo Shelter
A mostly symmetric image, this photograph allows the viewer to contemplate the similarity and differences offered by this object. The dramatic lighting seems to create a mood of nostalgia but also melancholy.

Bill Wittliff
Andrew Smith Gallery
The ambiguous nature of this image is intriguing. Not knowing what is depicted creates a tension to explore and seek an answer to the unknown. The back lit object radiates with a soft light that suggests an ethereal realm to where oblivion remarks on presence.

This image comments on the electric facade of the secular against a proposed messiah of the sacred. The dark essence of myself as the figure of Christ against the contemporary signature of the mythology emitted by the Xmas lights emphasizes my stance against the hybridization of these two entities.

The empty cavity of the scooped out brains of the deer head depicted makes me contemplate the empty minded thoughts I feel many in society constantly submit themselves to. The startling image offers a beautiful emphasis on shape and color within the composition.

I like the deconstruction of this found image. It’s something I really appreciate. Done by digitally projecting the image on a created canvas of layered copy paper- suspended by my favorite: fishing line! Woooo!


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