Jon P

photo post #8

In PHOTO on 10/21/2009 at 9:54 AM

Michael Massaia
Photo Arts Gallery
The haunting subject matter and selective dodge/burn effect is most intriguing in the works by this photographer. The depiction of this surreal carnival is evocative of an imaginary and contrived innocence.

Joan Myers
Andrew Smith Gallery
This image is extremely crisp and suggests something bigger than life might be happening. The ambiguity of the figures creates a tension that forgoes identity and makes me ponder the circumstances of a shared humanity.

Jessica Lange
A Gallery
This photo is along the same lines of the first one discussed above. The high contrast and interesting depiction of an older mechanical fortune teller reminds me of the movie ‘Big’ however this image is far more entertaining.

This image is a fantastic foray into a self-dictated shame imposed by a larger society. I appreciate the composition as well as the pose. Thanks to this anonymous model for her patience in creating this shot (and wearing those socks!)

This re-authored photograph of a Man Ray icon uses a layered canvas of copy paper to fracture an original image. The intersections and gaps created through the projection add something fantastical to the presentation.

This image of a petrified rat is dramatic and disgusting. Gazing at you with a hollow eye and recoiling against the returned gaze, this image suggests an elevation of moribund essence and gives life to an otherwise unlovely presence.

  1. I really love your first image! The subject matter, the composition and the pose help to convey the idea of “self-dictated shame imposed by a larger society.”
    And those socks are freakin AWESOME!!!

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