Jon P

photo post #9

In PHOTO on 10/21/2009 at 9:57 AM

Lee Friedlander
Andrew Smith Gallery
Dark and creepy: just how I like it! This building is scary-looking, I appreciate the disrupted horizon that weighs the road against the more obvious subject of the building.

Christian Cravo
Doma Gallery
This is a beautiful image of a diving Jesus. Divine diver or something to that effect. Maybe I’m stretching but he stretched arms of the subject offer this image a much higher status than a simple waterfall dive. Looks extremely well technically executed as well.

Mabel Odessey
Photo Arts Gallery
Great color and fantastic movement created by a pinhole camera offer this and the other images in this series amazing aesthetic qualities. The images are of an older calliope or similar piano-esque instrument to offer an ambiance reminiscent of a carnival.

This single arm reaching from under a bed sheet is wonderfully placed and lit very nicely. The colors work well with a blue/orange complimentary relationship. Love it!

Garish magenta cast allows this image to create a psychedelic ambiguity- yum! Nicely abstract and visually jarring- this image finds a soft spot in my heart because of it’s seeming invalidity where I find complete validity.

Dots! I love dots. These dots are oblong and blue and create a nice diagonal composition. This image offers glowing electronic sexuality- easily.

  1. I too love dots!!!

  2. the hand image is my favourite. the textures are strange and even creepy, too.

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