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photo post #10

In PHOTO on 10/26/2009 at 7:06 PM

Martin McFadden
1212 Gallery
I enjoy how this image seems to elevate the mundane above it’s everyday banality. Sharp and beautifully executed- I’m a fan of urinals anyway. Would’ve been less appealing had it been the trough variety so thank goodness this artists decided to depict what they did.

Rita Bernstein
339 Gallery
Deceptive and haunting, this image was printed on hand-applied emulsion on a crumple texture paper which adds a nice authentic feeling. Very interesting and dark image to add to the textural quality of the entire image together.

Troy Lee
Doma Gallery
This image uses a fantastic contrast to emphasize the subject- a flower that focuses upon a spectacular tonality that offers the image great depth. Intriguing inclusion of a reflection to suggest the fallen flowers position with itself.

This image captures a captures insect with a stunning dirtiness that creates an interesting harmony between the natural and society’s need to encapsulate everything into a neat little package- whether in a glass jar, a fixed image or a prison cell.

The delicate caress of immature play is the highlighted activity. I enjoy fun sometimes and this image is certainly an exploration of fun and toilet humor.

Direct bare bulb lighting help to exaggerate the details of this creepy doll head. Vacant and ominous, the face stares away from the viewer to anticipate a destructive nature found so readily in found objects whose history is forever ambiguous.

  1. I appreciate the detail in the textured face of the creepy doll head.

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