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Using the MoMa website, found these three amazing photographers…
Thomas Demand

Constructions created with hand-cut paper creates these grand representations of reality that are completely contrived. Amazing detail and work culminate to create this and other grand depictions.

Ai Weiwei

This and other photos from this series use humor to offer the viewer the photographer’s perspective on established institutional landmarks and works from history. Great concept and well executed!

JoAnn Verburg

Eerie shrine to recognizable subjects from art history juxtaposed against contemporary serial killers creates an interesting dichotomy and comment on the focus of media and our cultural mindsets, from history to present day.


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Martin McFadden
1212 Gallery
I enjoy how this image seems to elevate the mundane above it’s everyday banality. Sharp and beautifully executed- I’m a fan of urinals anyway. Would’ve been less appealing had it been the trough variety so thank goodness this artists decided to depict what they did.

Rita Bernstein
339 Gallery
Deceptive and haunting, this image was printed on hand-applied emulsion on a crumple texture paper which adds a nice authentic feeling. Very interesting and dark image to add to the textural quality of the entire image together.

Troy Lee
Doma Gallery
This image uses a fantastic contrast to emphasize the subject- a flower that focuses upon a spectacular tonality that offers the image great depth. Intriguing inclusion of a reflection to suggest the fallen flowers position with itself.

This image captures a captures insect with a stunning dirtiness that creates an interesting harmony between the natural and society’s need to encapsulate everything into a neat little package- whether in a glass jar, a fixed image or a prison cell.

The delicate caress of immature play is the highlighted activity. I enjoy fun sometimes and this image is certainly an exploration of fun and toilet humor.

Direct bare bulb lighting help to exaggerate the details of this creepy doll head. Vacant and ominous, the face stares away from the viewer to anticipate a destructive nature found so readily in found objects whose history is forever ambiguous.

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Lee Friedlander
Andrew Smith Gallery
Dark and creepy: just how I like it! This building is scary-looking, I appreciate the disrupted horizon that weighs the road against the more obvious subject of the building.

Christian Cravo
Doma Gallery
This is a beautiful image of a diving Jesus. Divine diver or something to that effect. Maybe I’m stretching but he stretched arms of the subject offer this image a much higher status than a simple waterfall dive. Looks extremely well technically executed as well.

Mabel Odessey
Photo Arts Gallery
Great color and fantastic movement created by a pinhole camera offer this and the other images in this series amazing aesthetic qualities. The images are of an older calliope or similar piano-esque instrument to offer an ambiance reminiscent of a carnival.

This single arm reaching from under a bed sheet is wonderfully placed and lit very nicely. The colors work well with a blue/orange complimentary relationship. Love it!

Garish magenta cast allows this image to create a psychedelic ambiguity- yum! Nicely abstract and visually jarring- this image finds a soft spot in my heart because of it’s seeming invalidity where I find complete validity.

Dots! I love dots. These dots are oblong and blue and create a nice diagonal composition. This image offers glowing electronic sexuality- easily.

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Michael Massaia
Photo Arts Gallery
The haunting subject matter and selective dodge/burn effect is most intriguing in the works by this photographer. The depiction of this surreal carnival is evocative of an imaginary and contrived innocence.

Joan Myers
Andrew Smith Gallery
This image is extremely crisp and suggests something bigger than life might be happening. The ambiguity of the figures creates a tension that forgoes identity and makes me ponder the circumstances of a shared humanity.

Jessica Lange
A Gallery
This photo is along the same lines of the first one discussed above. The high contrast and interesting depiction of an older mechanical fortune teller reminds me of the movie ‘Big’ however this image is far more entertaining.

This image is a fantastic foray into a self-dictated shame imposed by a larger society. I appreciate the composition as well as the pose. Thanks to this anonymous model for her patience in creating this shot (and wearing those socks!)

This re-authored photograph of a Man Ray icon uses a layered canvas of copy paper to fracture an original image. The intersections and gaps created through the projection add something fantastical to the presentation.

This image of a petrified rat is dramatic and disgusting. Gazing at you with a hollow eye and recoiling against the returned gaze, this image suggests an elevation of moribund essence and gives life to an otherwise unlovely presence.

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Christopher Burke
Doma Art
This image relates an artificial presence through color upon a natural subject. The simultaneous contrast between these complimentary colors creates a surreal atmosphere.

Sundeep Gajjar
Photo Shelter
A mostly symmetric image, this photograph allows the viewer to contemplate the similarity and differences offered by this object. The dramatic lighting seems to create a mood of nostalgia but also melancholy.

Bill Wittliff
Andrew Smith Gallery
The ambiguous nature of this image is intriguing. Not knowing what is depicted creates a tension to explore and seek an answer to the unknown. The back lit object radiates with a soft light that suggests an ethereal realm to where oblivion remarks on presence.

This image comments on the electric facade of the secular against a proposed messiah of the sacred. The dark essence of myself as the figure of Christ against the contemporary signature of the mythology emitted by the Xmas lights emphasizes my stance against the hybridization of these two entities.

The empty cavity of the scooped out brains of the deer head depicted makes me contemplate the empty minded thoughts I feel many in society constantly submit themselves to. The startling image offers a beautiful emphasis on shape and color within the composition.

I like the deconstruction of this found image. It’s something I really appreciate. Done by digitally projecting the image on a created canvas of layered copy paper- suspended by my favorite: fishing line! Woooo!

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Mona Kuhn
Jackson Fine Art
This image appeals to me because of the use of focus to create a dramatic representation of this pond. Reminds me of a Monet painting in style and subject.

Robert & Shana Parkeharrison
Jackson Fine Art
This team of artists works to create a dialogue of the human and our tie to nature. The interesting juxtaposition and remarkable composition is appealing in both aesthetic and conceptual aspects.

Alec Soth
High Museum of Art
Along the lines of the Parkharrison photo, this image imagines a character within a natural setting. This image instead remarks on isolation rather than an introspective look at a shared environment. The texture of the stark tree limbs affords a detailed view that seems to consume the figure.

This image is spooky and I find it interesting because of the process involved using the large-format 4X5 view camera. The image is out-of-focus and adds to the tension I found apparent within.

This image has a drastic contrast that adds to the concept of the duality of shame and freedom being conveyed. Black censor bars commit the subject to a self-dictated and self-authored censorship.

The subject is a skinned deer head that evokes ideas of elevated disgust. The seamless background makes this object a spectacle to imbibe. A juxtaposition of the divine with the disgusting is a delineation I enjoy.

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Beth Moon
Verve Gallery
Picture 1
This image exaggerates the proportion of the figure physically to offer the viewer a surreal glimpse of these ominous subjects that are evading the gaze of the photographer. The dark environment adds to the read of a dramatic ambiguity that suggests something larger than life is being portrayed.

Wayne Bartlett
Doma Gallery
Picture 2
This image is an interesting look at texture that is also ambiguous at first but upon further exploration relates a distressed and torn apart fabric that is exposing the threads that make it up. Attention to detail is waht drew me to this image. The vacant space created by the tear of the fabric make it an interesting composition with lines jabbing the negative.

James Spitznagel
The Upstairs Gallery
This image is much more along my lines aesthetically and conceptually. The digital distortions offered by this and his other imagery negates the natural depictions traditionally created through photographic media. The exaggerated pixels create large blocks of ambiguous color and are tied to the realm of digital which is my favorite medium.

This image is not manipulated but I really appreciate the strong contrast offered by the viaduct lighting on the found river. The cropped tree trunk weights the left side to balance the vacant feeling of the rippling water on the right.

This image also uses dramatic contrast that silhouettes the iron work of a found lamp. The swirling patterning of the glass panes describe a delicious green coloring that really adds to the depth of the image. Plus, I typically enjoy owls and all they have to offer.

This image is a depiction of a contemporary girl that seems to be embarking on a journey much larger than the whole of her parts. The steamy atmosphere that inhabits this environment starkly contrasts expectation of landscape and stirs ambiguity which has become the word du jour. Her placement in the composition allows her journey to unfold with plenty of room to spare.

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Susan K Grant
VERVE Gallery of Photography

I find this image intriguing & mesmerizing- mostly because of my love of puppets! This image from Grant’s Night Journey series reflect a surreal aura of the macabre, mythological and magical to delicately imagine the latent world of the unconscious. Reminiscent of the German stop-motion animated film Prince Achmed from 1926, the silhouetted set and figures create an atmosphere of ambiguous contemplation where a viewer can derive personal conclusions, both apart from and informed by intent, based on the offered tokens from the artist. I also love shadow puppets- soooooo…

David Pollock
Luz Gallery

I appreciate the concept surrounding this series by Pollock called Sign, Symbol & Nature that portrays “natural” environments common to Western society which is over-saturated by commerce. The presence of the past seems to desperately crave recognition or return a return the natural world that industrial monoliths now occupy. The promised open views on the sign in the above image offer little hope to the dismal wasteland found behind. The implicit destruction of nature in order from progress to maintain an unattainable level of perfection is a necessary evil for the plague of humanity to linger on. This image also reminds me of a Rachael Ray recipe I tried one time that took longer than the 30 minutes preparation time she estimated…

Andrew Darlow
Alfa Art Gallery

I enjoy this image of New York City that seems to evoke the ambiance of the city through a hand-held long exposure.The vibrant colors cascading against the darkness of night create an elegant original which relies on the found cityscape before the artist but descibes a uniqueness brought on by manipulation byu the artist. The subject and elements remain visible and legible however the dancing lights that steak the picture plane might symbolize the temporal transience of the people who live, have lived and will live in such an enormous and active metropolis. On that note, I just want to mention that Jake Jabs in an American hero…


This image is relatively simple, consisting of several dots in an ominous arrangement. I’m drawn to the diagonal composition of the dots with the remaining bottom left dot that balances the line to suggest a strict right angle or even an arrow.

This image is even more simple with only one obvious subject. The radiant and asymmetric circle illuminates and penetrates the surrounding darkness. Mimicking the natural brilliance of the sun through unnatural and digital means, this image defies notions of tautological circumstance towards an enlightened singularity.

This image combines qualities from both of the above images. These dots seem to emanate from a single bright light. Overlapping and transparent, these dots don’t hold the same weight as the dots in the first image. These dots embody a radiation from the intensity of the light source that implicates the necessity of light in the pursuit of seeing.

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Masahisa Fukase
Gallery 51
This photograph appeals to me because of the dramatic tension created by the strong contrast of the silhouetted subject against the ominous background. The raven as subject is also interesting to me because ravens are creepy and remind me of Hitchcock and his birds and that’s just freaky.

Albert Watson
This photograph evokes a sinister humor that I find remarkable and disturbing. Certainly a perfect combination in any given situation. I think “furries” are delicately trapsing the line between the absurd and erotic but this one looks scary and sketchy, hiding behind those shrubs and such. His demeanor seems to contradict the essential fuzziness found in bunnies.

Amy Blakemoore
The surreal atmosphere created in this photograph creates a brooding environment occupied by an ambiguous entity with the name Jill. The depth of field suggests a dreamlike quality in the landscape while the fill on the subject hallucinate the true reality of non-interventionist lighting situations. Her identity: unknown. Her destination: unknown. Her journey: pointless? Who’s to say, possibly someone.

This photo from my night garden series uses high contrast lighting to emphasize the hidden beauty found during times of darkness. Overblown highlights and apparent lens flare help to manifest a contemplative space where biological precedence illuminates the possibility of the present.

This photo also relies on the chance incursion of a lens flare to create an ethereal presence which seems to elevate a common landscape from the mundane to the sublime. The tree seems to be recoiling from the banded streams of direct sunlight shining from the left. Or the tree is being sucked into the vacuum of a deceptively empathetic all-knowing consciousness from a heavenly realm unseen. Either explanation will work for me.

This photo seems to evoke a strong sense of a blatantly accepted pollution. Whether of mind, body or environment- the depicted couple are embarking on a leisurely stroll through through a wasteland with a handy bridge. The woman’s hat and gloves and the man’s face mask make me ponder who is being protected from what. Is the environment so toxic that they are shielding themselves from harm or is it the other way around? Their nonchalant attitude forces me to believe these people were heavily sedated as to better allow their complete complacency in such adversity.